Reflection Intermittent Sand Filter System


Passive, naturally aerated sand filters cost less to run compared to forced aeration package plants and you will save on:

Power Cost

Reflection Sand Filters have two small pumps which only pump for 15 to 20 minutes per day each, costing approx $12 per year. Because the sand filter aerates naturally, the system does not require an expensive, continually-running, aerator blower. The cost of running a 100w blower 24 hours per day every day is around $140 per year therefore, you could save an estimated $130 per year!

Maintenance Cost

A typical aerator blower will last three years and cost $540.00 to have replaced, with no aerator in the sand filter to replace, you could save an estimated $180 per year.

Pump Out Cost

Forced aeration plants build up sludge which requires pumping out, on average, once every three years costing $240.00… you could save an estimated $80 per year.

In total, annual running cost savings could be $390 per year depending on systems used for comparison and power purchase price.

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