Reflection Intermittent Sand Filter System

How the Intermittent Sand Filter (isf) Works

There are two stages to the treatment of wastewater via an intermittent sand filter system:

Primary Treatment

Wastewater is directed into a large capacity primary settling chamber, called a septic tank, where the treatment begins. Naturally-occurring bacteria break down settled solids, while fats and other light matter float to the surface and form a scum. This liquid wastewater passes through a special effluent filter which retains solid material in the settling chamber. Reduced by almost 50 per cent, the wastewater is pumped onto a buried Intermittent Sand Filter (ISF).

Advanced Secondary Treatment

Using natural processes, the ISF ‘polishes’ the effluent using latest advances in sand grading technology. Wastewater is spread over clean crushed rock or scoria at the top of the buried ISF and percolates slowly down through graded sand and rock.

Organic materials, harmful bacteria, pathogens and viruses are removed, using the same natural biological processes that occur in soil treatment of wastewater. Renovated water collects at the base of the ISF and drains to the irrigation pump chamber to re-use on lawns, gardens and for irrigation without the need to add chlorine, or provide expensive ultraviolet or ozone treatment.


By producing renovated water with very low levels of suspended solids, biological oxygen demand and faecal coliforms, renovated water can be used to irrigate your property using pressure compensated dripper irrigation line buried in the upper topsoil layer. Layout of the lines is flexible and, with manual flush valves, their reliability is unmatched by any other systems.


We take full responsibility for every installation and use only highly experienced and fully trained drainage and pump professionals who install only under our direct supervision. This ensures each system is constructed to our very high standards and takes the responsibility for organising drainlayers, plumbers, earthmovers and irrigation specialists off the client. With appropriate organisation, an installation can be completed in one day.

Technical Information

The Reflection ISF System can produce an average effluent quality of:

Suspended Solids < 5ppm
BOD5 < 5ppm

Sizing of Systems

The design of any effluent treatment and disposal system is dependent on many factors including design wastewater usage, topography, soil types, and final disposal requirements. We offer an extensive range of septic tank and pump chamber sizes and configurations for both single pass intermittent sand filters and re-circulating sand filters. The Reflection ISF is ideal for commercial applications and can be sized to accommodate virtually any design loading.


To ensure the continued reliable operation of the system, we offer a Maintenance Agreement and, for a small fee, will carry out a six monthly inspection which will include checking pumps, flushing out any biological material build-up and providing a report to the owner on any necessary remedial work.


Provided that the system is installed by Reflection Treatment Systems Ltd and maintained in accordance with our recommendations, we guarantee the Reflection ISF will produce quality effluent for at least five years. The two pumps have a manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months, and will be repaired or replaced at no charge in the unlikely event of a pump malfunction during this period.

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