Reflection Textile Filter

The Reflection Textile Filter is simple, compact and offers multiple benefits including:

Unobtrusive with easy care

Hidden underground in a small space with no noise, smell or power hungry blowers; simple, reliable and easy to maintain, with no activated sludge to manage and pump.

Full service backup

Round the clock maintenance from technicians with on-board PC databases providing instant access to records and history.

Authorised installation

Every system installed by ourselves, ensuring high quality.

Irregular use reliability

Even if flows are infrequent and intermittent, the system is reliable - ideal for holiday homes.


Surpassing everyday systems, the Reflection Textile Filter produces renovated wastewater that exceeds all New Zealand Council guidelines - the ultimate for irrigation and reuse.

    • Pure and Odourless: Impurities are typically less than 5mg/L BOD and TSS - 80% less than aerated system standards and less than half prior textile system standards.
    • Consistent Performance: Better peak flow treatment than other systems


The Reflection Textile Filter has proven to be one of the most low cost systems to operate.

    • Low electricity cost: for a standard house, power consumption costs an average of 20 cents per day - less than half aerator system power costs.
    • Low maintenance cost: easy to service and reliable and, unlike aerated systems, there is no activated sludge to contend with or expensive blower to maintain or replace.
    • Best value: with competitive installation costs, low operating cost and full after sales support, the Reflection Textile Filter offers unsurpassed value.

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